Vascular Therapy…What?!?

Yep. Vascular Therapy.

We have purchased a medical device (FDA Class 2) that increases blood flow 30%. Really.

More oxygen, more free-flowing blood cells, more energy and a healthier immune system.

I have been amazed and speechless over how increased blood flow has improved my health and the health of my family and friends. (My personal testimony: When I use this device my back doesn’t hurt the next day and I’m sleeping better at night. My dad has canceled his shoulder surgery because he feels like he has a new shoulder – this is after 1 month of therapy and 10 years of extreme discomfort.)

We have adopted a “Come and See” policy at our local shop. As long as you make an appointment (sessions are limited) we will let you have 10 free therapy sessions. After that, continued session will be very affordable, $10 in shop or $20 in home. The sessions usually last 10-15 minutes and you will know within the ten sessions if it is something you want to continue.

Click here to watch a video to see what will happen to your blood during your first therapy session.