Don’t Call, Ya’ll!

If you get a pop-up on your computer that tells you something is wrong  and you need to call a number… 

100% of the time…

It is a scam…

Never call that number.

People that call the number usually call me and say:

I got a virus on my computer.

I called Microsoft.

Yes, I let them on my computer.

They charged me $700.

The charged me $200.

They charged me $179.

When I didn’t pay them more,they locked me out of my computer.

Some of them say: They got into my bank account.


This scam is hitting our Monroeville, Alabama area really hard so I am getting a lot of calls. I found the file below on one of these computers… the pricing is outrageous. Don’t fall for it. Hold the power button down for 20-30 seconds until everything goes off (yes, I know it tells you not to turn off your computer – remember, this is a scam.) Turn it back on and the pop-up should be gone. Sometimes, even when you follow these steps, the browser will open to the same page – just disconnect your internet, open the browser, and close the tabs.

Remember these rules: Never call the number that pops up and tells you something is wrong with your computer. Never let anyone on your computer that you don’t know. Microsoft doesn’t care if you have viruses on your computer.


iPads and iPhones + Trojans and Viruses

This week at our local Monroeville, Alabama computer repair shop we’ve been able to repair an iPhone and an iPad caught in a weird loop. Unfortunately the iPhone lost all the data because it wasn’t backed up and we had to completely restore it to the original package, but the iPad was repaired without losing anything! This resulted in a very happy customer 🙂

We are also doing a lot of virus cleanups. Trojans seem to be rampant these days. This type of virus can hide and not make itself known. When this is the case it is usually communicating with another computer somewhere and your information is compromised.

If you haven’t had a computer clean-up, optimization, and repair in the last year then do not delay! Our $75 flat shop fee (1 week) is an excellent deal.

Computer Care Plan Pro

We are happy to announce the debut of our new Computer Care Plan Pro. For the first time ever, in our area, we are offering not just a “care” plan but a “care-free” plan. There’s no need to worry about your computer anymore. When you subscribe to our pro plan we take care of it. We are including antivirus software with unlimited free virus removal, daily monitoring of your computer’s health, a daily mini-tuneup, and much more.

Visit our page by clicking here to learn more about the plan.

Do NOT let an unknown caller remote into your computer!

I’ve been getting reports that there is a scam going on where a person calls your number and tries to sound like they are part of the Microsoft team. They will inform you that your system is highly infected. They will try to get you to turn it on so they can remote into your system to make the supposed repairs. They will charge you money, infect your system, and steal your information. Do not trust them.

  • Microsoft does not know who you are.
  • The Windows Team does not know who you are.
  • They do not monitor your system.
  • They will NEVER call you and tell you that your system is infected.

The best thing to do is…hang up.


CryptoLocker – Holds Your Files for $300 Ransom with 100 Hour Deadline!

This nasty new malware isn’t like anything we’ve ever dealt with. It encrypts your personal files and the only way to rescue them is to pay the ransom. The infection can be removed but the files can only be decrypted with a key – the criminals are the only ones that have the key and they only give you 100 hours to pay. It is very important that you back up your files on something other than your hard drive (dvd, cd, thumb drive, etc.)

Read the alert put out by US-CERT here.

There’s an article on that explains that the attack usually comes through an email attachment that is made to look legitimate.

Watch a video about CryptoLocker here.