Free Software and Instructions!

Give¬†us an¬†ill-behaved computer that refuses to make your life easier and¬†we will do everything¬†we can to bring it back to a state of full cooperation. ¬†Plus, we’ll set you up with the resources you need to keep it that way.

We’ve added an option for our customers to receive free software that will allow them to keep their computers running smoothly, along with specific instructions for maintenance. We will install the software and provide the instructions. This service is only an additional $25 when you purchase a basic repair.

Desktop Computer Repairs

If you’ve been wondering why we aren’t servicing desktops…well, they are cumbersome, and take a little more effort to get set up in our home. ¬†However,¬†we have decided to do a trial run with desktops to see if we can maintain our quality of service while meeting your desktop repair needs. Most of the pricing will be the same as for laptops except for the basic repair fee. Check out our pricing page if you are interested.