Updated Prices

We have set prices for most of our services, but because of the nature of the “beast” we can’t always fit each computer service into a neat package, so we always let you know the final price before we order parts or do any repairs to your system.


  • BASIC Clean-up, Optimization, Repair, and Update: $50 (This fee does not include parts/installation. You will be contacted with price estimates on any additional charges.)
  • INSTALL the Software needed to keep your computer running smoothly: FREE with BASIC (Includes instructions. Not offered without BASIC service.)
  • REINSTALL Operating System and all Updates: $25 (Plus cost of OS if purchase is necessary.)
  • BACKUP System Image on Disc: $25
  • BACKUP Important Files on Disc: $25 ($2 for each additional disk needed.)
  • RECOVER Lost Files: $50
  • INSTALL Memory: $10 (Does not include cost of Memory.)
  • INSTALL Hard Drive or Power Supply: $15 (Does not include cost of Hard Drive.)
  • INSTALL Miscellaneous Hardware: $15 (Does not include cost of Hardware.)
  • INSTALL Software (other than OS and basic): $15 (Does not include cost of Software)
  • IN HOME Computer Setup after repair: $20
  • IN HOME Computer Tutorial after repair: $20

Fuel charge of $5 is added if we travel over 25 miles.

If you don’t see the price for your need, give us a call and we will give you an estimate.


  • 2 HOUR Initial Consultation, Computer Assessment, and Training Session: $75.00
  • 1 HOUR Initial Training Session: $50.00
  • QUICK Follow-up Training (30-45 minutes): $25
  • EXTENDED Follow-up Training (60-75 minutes): $50

Fuel charge of $5.00 is added if we travel over 25 miles.

Please let us know if you have a specific training area request.

Free Software and Instructions!

Give us an ill-behaved computer that refuses to make your life easier and we will do everything we can to bring it back to a state of full cooperation.  Plus, we’ll set you up with the resources you need to keep it that way.

We’ve added an option for our customers to receive free software that will allow them to keep their computers running smoothly, along with specific instructions for maintenance. We will install the software and provide the instructions. This service is only an additional $25 when you purchase a basic repair.