Recommended Products

On this page we will share the basics of what we recommend and use. Feel free to email your product questions and suggestions for this page and we post them here. Jackson Computer Services in Monroeville, AL – we’re here to help!

Rule: Always use a Surge Protector.

Click here to check out the top 20 selling surge protectors on Amazon.

The APC uninterruptible power source/surge protectors are also a recommendation of ours if you need a battery backup so you can save your work when the electricity goes off.

Click here to check out the APC uninterruptible power and surge protectors along with the top 20 on Amazon.

Rule: Always have an active Anti-Virus.

We recommend Webroot Antivirus. We can purchase it and install it for you in the shop or you can click here to view the product search page on Amazon. We usually purchase the digital download with an online code. If you choose that option just make sure you keep it in a safe place so if you change computers or have a hard drive crash you can reinstall the purchase.

Watch for more “Rules” and recommended products.

Disclaimer: the products on this page include our Amazon Affiliate links. Thank you for your support 🙂

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