New Shop Location!

Come see us on the square in downtown Monroeville, Alabama! We are now located at 63 N. Mt. Pleasant Avenue. We kept you updated on Facebook but wanted to add this announcement for those of you who aren’t keeping up with us there. We are offering our computer services and vascular therapy sessions at this new location.

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We do not like saying, “It’s…dead.”

photoWe’ve had a few dead hard drives come into our computer repair shop in Monroeville, Alabama. It’s always a hard thing to say to a customer, so I thought I would give you a few warning signs so maybe you can get yours to us before it becomes unrecoverable.

A Slower Computer

A failing hard drive isn’t the only reason a computer might slow down. Viruses, malware, and some legitimate programs will slow your system down. But, the hard drive is always the first item I check.

Increased Errors and Crashes

When a hard drive begins to die, files become corrupted. Once again, there are many reasons that a system might crash or have file errors but this is also a symptom of a failing drive.

Unusual Noises

A standard hard drive will make clicking, spinning, and various other sounds when it begins to die. (If you have a Solid State Drive you will not get any sounds.)

What You Should Do

Back up your data immediately (If you want an online program, check out our Carbonite offer.) We can do a quick test in the shop to determine if your hard drive is in failure mode (We can also do this remotely if you do not want to bring it to the shop.) If the hard drive is healthy then chances are that you just need a tune-up or more memory.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 251-593-1933.

Don’t Call That Number!

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It’s very convincing…especially when the audio begins…but DO NOT call the number.

Yes, you do have a bug on your system. However, the folks on the other end of the number are the ones that put it there.

If you call, you will allow total strangers to log in to your system and you will pay them $200 or more if they can talk you into it. They will also lock your system down and you will not get back in unless you pay someone even more money.

So, just call us. We are local and our basic fee of $75 will usually take care of it all.

Pricing Updates


  • LAPTOP BASIC Clean-up, Optimization, Repair, and Update: $50 (This fee does not include parts/installation. You will be contacted with price estimates on any additional charges.) $60 will include in-home setup after repair.
  • DESKTOP BASIC Clean-up, Optimization, Repair, and Update: $65 (This fee does not include parts/installation. You will be contacted with price estimates on any additional charges.) $75 will include in-home setup after repair.
  • INSTALL the Software needed to keep computer running smoothly: FREE with BASIC (Includes instructions. Not offered without BASIC service.)


  • 1 – 2 HOUR Initial Consultation, Computer Assessment, and Training Session: $50.00
  • QUICK Follow-up Training (30 minutes – 1 hour): $25
  • EXTENDED Follow-up Training (1 1/2 hours – 2 hours): $50

Your Brain and Computer on Porn

I recently came across an article on Brain Chemicals and Porn Addiction that discusses the scientific proof of how porn harms us.

It not only harms us, it also harms our computers! We’ve received several repairs lately where the whole system was a wreck because of porn site visits.

That’s 2 good reasons to stay away!

Contact us if we can help you clean up your system. We are committed to confidentiality if you need help with this type of removal.


Free Software and Instructions!

Give us an ill-behaved computer that refuses to make your life easier and we will do everything we can to bring it back to a state of full cooperation.  Plus, we’ll set you up with the resources you need to keep it that way.

We’ve added an option for our customers to receive free software that will allow them to keep their computers running smoothly, along with specific instructions for maintenance. We will install the software and provide the instructions. This service is only an additional $25 when you purchase a basic repair.