Equifax and Your Security

The cyber-security breach that occurred on September 7 could involve you even if you have never used their services.

Stephen and I checked and we were BOTH possibly compromised.

It only takes a few minutes to check, and if there is a possibility – they give you a free year of monitoring (we both signed up for that!)

You can check your information at this location: https://www.equifaxsecurity2017.com/am-i-impacted/

If you would like some help, just drop by our computer repair shop located at 63 N. Mt. Pleasant Avenue in Monroeville, Alabama.

New Shop Location!

Come see us on the square in downtown Monroeville, Alabama! We are now located at 63 N. Mt. Pleasant Avenue. We kept you updated on Facebook but wanted to add this announcement for those of you who aren’t keeping up with us there. We are offering our computer services and vascular therapy sessions at this new location.

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Vascular Therapy…Miraculous?

Yes…and no.

Vascular therapy is intended to be consistently used for extended periods of time in order to help improve blood flow. Improved blood flow allows our bodies to do what God designed them to do – and we begin to feel better, have more energy, and less discomfort.

I hesitate to share some of the immediate benefits that I am seeing because it is not really suppose to work that way.  We didn’t develop our problems (or get in the shape we are in) overnight, so we can’t expect an immediate, miraculous benefit after just one session. Some of us can’t expect it after 3 or four sessions, and many of us will need months to experience manifested benefit.

So, if you try vascular therapy and you “feel nothing”… it’s okay. What I can tell you is that even if you “feel nothing” there are still some pretty amazing things going on. Make the time commitment of 2-3 sessions a week for a month and most of you will notice that you have more energy, that you are sleeping better at night, and that many areas of concern have improved.

The Unbelievable:

  • Guy in a wheelchair walks for the first time in a year after just 2 sessions.
  • Young man with scarred eyes was told it would be 2 years before he could wear contacts again. After 3 sessions he could wear his contacts.
  • Broken toe doesn’t hurt after 1 session.
  • After 3 weeks of therapy, doctor cancels breast biopsy when he has a hard time finding the area to be biopsied.
  • Completely numb feet begin to wake up after 1 session.
  • Pet scan gives man the best report he has had in 2 years.

So, yes, there have been some amazing, miraculous benefits – and those are just a few. At the same time, I have a hard time calling vascular therapy miraculous because all it does is improve your own blood-flow. It is at that point that God’s design for the body takes over, and He determines how He will use vascular therapy in your life. I would love to watch Him help you, so if you are interested I can send you an email with more information or you can call me to set up your first session (The first 10 are free.)

There are 2 things to remember:

  • It will not hurt.
  • It will help.

My favorite phrase to say about the therapy is “It will only help you.”

Exodus 15:26b “I am the Lord, your healer.” (ESV)

Leviticus 17:14 “For the life of every creature is its blood: its blood is its life.” (ESV)

I don’t want to end this post without a video 🙂 Click here to see the effects of vascular therapy on a blockage.


Don’t Call, Ya’ll!

If you get a pop-up on your computer that tells you something is wrong  and you need to call a number… 

100% of the time…

It is a scam…

Never call that number.

People that call the number usually call me and say:

I got a virus on my computer.

I called Microsoft.

Yes, I let them on my computer.

They charged me $700.

The charged me $200.

They charged me $179.

When I didn’t pay them more,they locked me out of my computer.

Some of them say: They got into my bank account.


This scam is hitting our Monroeville, Alabama area really hard so I am getting a lot of calls. I found the file below on one of these computers… the pricing is outrageous. Don’t fall for it. Hold the power button down for 20-30 seconds until everything goes off (yes, I know it tells you not to turn off your computer – remember, this is a scam.) Turn it back on and the pop-up should be gone. Sometimes, even when you follow these steps, the browser will open to the same page – just disconnect your internet, open the browser, and close the tabs.

Remember these rules: Never call the number that pops up and tells you something is wrong with your computer. Never let anyone on your computer that you don’t know. Microsoft doesn’t care if you have viruses on your computer.


Numbness, Tingling and Vascular Therapy

His first semester at the local junior college he began experiencing full body numbness and tingling. This was such a serious and scary manifestation of symptoms that the doctors immediately began scheduling brain MRI’s and nervous system testing.

They ran every test imaginable and they all came back normal. The symptoms went away. The next semester they returned again…as bad as ever. The family began watching the pattern. By his third semester in college, they realized that the numbness and tingling always showed up during finals. The strategy at that point was to just get through the symptoms and the finals. The problem was that the numbness and tingling was so extreme that even walking could be difficult when he couldn’t feel his feet. They began to consider getting some medication to help.

This last semester, just before finals, he began vascular therapy sessions – 8 minutes per day. He had no manifestation of symptoms. The numbness and tingling are gone.

Click here to learn more about vascular therapy at our shop.

Lightening Damage



We get a lot of computers in our Monroeville, Alabama computer repair shop that have been damaged by either lightening or a power surge. Usually a power supply replacement is all that is needed. Sometimes we need to replace the Ethernet port. And then there are a few that have motherboard damage. The photo above shows a chip that was damaged by a power surge (see that hole in the black square?)

Even with surge protectors, lightening can sometimes damage your system but usually the damage is not as bad when you have the extra protection. Afternoon thunderstorms will increase with our summer season, so go grab a surge protector and maybe I won’t have to take a photo of your lightening damaged motherboard 🙂

Check out our recommended products here.

iPads and iPhones + Trojans and Viruses

This week at our local Monroeville, Alabama computer repair shop we’ve been able to repair an iPhone and an iPad caught in a weird loop. Unfortunately the iPhone lost all the data because it wasn’t backed up and we had to completely restore it to the original package, but the iPad was repaired without losing anything! This resulted in a very happy customer 🙂

We are also doing a lot of virus cleanups. Trojans seem to be rampant these days. This type of virus can hide and not make itself known. When this is the case it is usually communicating with another computer somewhere and your information is compromised.

If you haven’t had a computer clean-up, optimization, and repair in the last year then do not delay! Our $75 flat shop fee (1 week) is an excellent deal.

Failing Hard Drives

2016-01-27 13.49.55We are replacing a lot of hard drives in our Monroeville, Alabama computer repair shop this week. Some of them have been failing but still recoverable. Others have been so damaged that some of the files were lost. If you have a hard drive that is making noises, slowing down, or just acting crazy – back up your important files, bring the computer to us, and let us do a hard drive check for you. This week the prices of hard drives are allowing us to do the work for $150. That’s a better price than buying a new system. See you soon!


In-Home Tech Support = Jam!

I was only in our Monroeville, Alabama computer repair shop for a couple of hours on Friday because of an in-home appointment I had in Ramah, Alabama (Go to Burnt Corn…take a right…take a left…way out yonder!) I got to spend the afternoon helping some southern gentlemen install security on a new laptop, set up a router and printer, transfer files, and tune-up on an older laptop.

After about four hours I headed home with some treasure! There are about 10 different varieties of jams and jellies in this photo. Can’t decide if I’m going to try the blackberry jelly or blueberry jam first!

2016-01-22 19.55.50