Numbness, Tingling and Vascular Therapy

His first semester at the local junior college he began experiencing full body numbness and tingling. This was such a serious and scary manifestation of symptoms that the doctors immediately began scheduling brain MRI’s and nervous system testing.

They ran every test imaginable and they all came back normal. The symptoms went away. The next semester they returned again…as bad as ever. The family began watching the pattern. By his third semester in college, they realized that the numbness and tingling always showed up during finals. The strategy at that point was to just get through the symptoms and the finals. The problem was that the numbness and tingling was so extreme that even walking could be difficult when he couldn’t feel his feet. They began to consider getting some medication to help.

This last semester, just before finals, he began vascular therapy sessions – 8 minutes per day. He had no manifestation of symptoms. The numbness and tingling are gone.

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