Updated Prices

We have set prices for most of our services, but because of the nature of the “beast” we can’t always fit each computer service into a neat package, so we always let you know the final price before we order parts or do any repairs to your system.


  • BASIC Clean-up, Optimization, Repair, and Update: $50 (This fee does not include parts/installation. You will be contacted with price estimates on any additional charges.)
  • INSTALL the Software needed to keep your computer running smoothly: FREE with BASIC (Includes instructions. Not offered without BASIC service.)
  • REINSTALL Operating System and all Updates: $25 (Plus cost of OS if purchase is necessary.)
  • BACKUP System Image on Disc: $25
  • BACKUP Important Files on Disc: $25 ($2 for each additional disk needed.)
  • RECOVER Lost Files: $50
  • INSTALL Memory: $10 (Does not include cost of Memory.)
  • INSTALL Hard Drive or Power Supply: $15 (Does not include cost of Hard Drive.)
  • INSTALL Miscellaneous Hardware: $15 (Does not include cost of Hardware.)
  • INSTALL Software (other than OS and basic): $15 (Does not include cost of Software)
  • IN HOME Computer Setup after repair: $20
  • IN HOME Computer Tutorial after repair: $20

Fuel charge of $5 is added if we travel over 25 miles.

If you don’t see the price for your need, give us a call and we will give you an estimate.


  • 2 HOUR Initial Consultation, Computer Assessment, and Training Session: $75.00
  • 1 HOUR Initial Training Session: $50.00
  • QUICK Follow-up Training (30-45 minutes): $25
  • EXTENDED Follow-up Training (60-75 minutes): $50

Fuel charge of $5.00 is added if we travel over 25 miles.

Please let us know if you have a specific training area request.

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